Unable to stop a pending session


I am looking to start an interactive session for my repo, the docker build is successful in gitlab CI.

However, after launching the session it has been stuck in pending for more than 12hrs.

  1. Why is it taking so long to launch the session?
  2. Why can I not seem to stop the pending session such that I can try launching another new session?



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Sorry for the delayed response on this. We recently made an update to RenkuLab which makes it possible to stop sessions while they are still starting (previously, only fully started sessions could be stopped). That should help in a case like this. Are you still having this problem, or has it been resolved in the meantime?

I am having an issue similar to James on the Renku@UniFR instance (@champost)
In the image below I have 3 cases of pending sessions with no ability to force stop them.
With my project dockerfile modified and rebuilt image:

  • The first session, is a session I stopped yesterday evening and it is still pending
  • The second session is a new session with the new image I started more than 2 hours ago this morning…

With a project from a Renku training session at UniFr (unmodified docker image) :

  • The third session is also a new session on a project I forked from a renku training project… also pending

This issue is very limiting. I am preparing materials for a course starting in less than 2 weeks and I am blocked!
Thank you in advance for sharing a procedure to force stop sessions.


Hi Eliane,

You sessions should be up and running now. We are releasing a feature that will enable you to stop sessions that are pending soon.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


thank you for your support. Indeed the sessions are up.
What was the issue exactly?



This was not caused by anything you have done in your projects. The issue was related to one of the underlying Renku components being unresponsive. We are investigating further so that we can properly correct this.

Unfortunately in this case restarting your sessions (if you had been able to stop a pending session) wouldn’t have helped.

ok,noted, thanks for the information.