Unable to start session

When I try to start a new session, it is stuck with the message “Checking sessions status…”. It has been working normally the last couple months, and without any apparent reason it always gets stuck at that step now. It is especially weird because my colleague can start a session on the same repo. Here are the things I already tried:

  • Wait for hours
  • Try different browsers
  • Try private mode
  • It works from my colleagues laptop

Can anybody help me with this?

Hi lucabe. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you mind sharing some additional info:

  • what Renku deployment are you using (is it renkulab.io or a different one?)
  • which browser do you use? do you access renku from the same browser as your colleague that has no issues? I see that you mentioned multiple browsers, so that covers this question then that it is not a browser issue.
  • do you mind sharing a link to your project or at least the Dockerfile for your project?

Hi tolevski, thank you for your reply. I’m using the limited.renku.ch deployment. The project is only available via my universities VPN so I’m not sure if a link would help, but here it is:

I’m not sure how to share the Dockerfile with you - if you can give me some instructions that would be very appreciated.


Hi Luca, I checked your project (it is public on the renku deployment you mentioned and I have access to that deployment). Everything is fine with your project and I could even successfully launch a session.

Can you please launch a session and leave it in the pending/broken state. This will help me see why this is occurring for you.

I’ve launched a new session and its pending in “checking the session” status - Thanks!

Luca, I sent you an email on your ETH email. I found you in the ETH directory. Let’s touch base briefly tomorrow. It is easier to talk briefly and maybe share your screen for me to understand what is going on. So far I do not see anything suspicious or out of place. But then again I also don’t even see your failing session at all.

Just to help anyone else who may stumble upon this… The problem here was related to mismatched user.name and user.email in the git config between renku and a local clone of the project. It seems the local clone of the project used slightly different name and/or email and this caused issues in the ui.

There is a workaround to this that allows someone to launch a session by clicking the option to select a branch/commit in the screen where a session is launched. Once you do this and swap back and forth between branches you can launch sessions normally from any branch/commit.

I will replicate this and submit an issue so that it can be fixed.

This should not be occurring.