Information why session doesn't start

Dear renku team,

I just tried to start a session where I specified too little storage (and git_lfs_fetch=True). Clearly the session couldn’t start but continued trying so.
In this (and similar) cases, an information why a session doesn’t start would be really helpful, e.g. too little storage specified, currently no GPU available, …


Hello @LiliGasser , this is a good suggestion! Many users complained about the lack of information on session-related failures. We are trying to improve the UX by providing meaningful messages whenever possible.
Here is the current WIP. We will try to release it soon, but it won’t probably make it in the next release coming this Friday.

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Lili there are actually currently 2 other PRs in addition to what Lorenzo pointed out. The one Lorenzo pointed out is definitely the most relevant one that tries to add actionable error messages for end users.

The two other PRs are here:

  • #898 : will add separate statuses for a session to indicate whether a session is starting, stopping, running or failed, currently we only have running or pending (which can be any of stopping, starting, failed)
  • #887 : will add more details to the logs that users can pull in from the session - this may in some cases help with troubleshooting problems but should be used as a last resort - ideally the feature that Lorenzo mentioned provides errors that are clear enough that do not require further troubleshooting by the user
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I will post here again when these are released and widely available.

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