Sessions stuck on pending

Hi all

There seems to be a problem with starting a new session. We currently have a bunch of people that are stuck with new sessions on “pending”. (Coincidentally I can’t upload a screenshot either)
The status Icon says:

Step: Ready
Reason: ContainersNotReady
Message: containers with unready status: [jupyter-server oauth2-proxy git-proxy]

edit: “Logs currently not available. Try again in a minute…”

Is there a general issue?


Hi @a_user I apologize for the problems. We just noticed this too and are looking into it. So far it seems to be related with an outage with our cloud provider. So unfortunately there is not much that we can do immediately. But we are double-checking that this is the case and will let you know.

Thanks for the quick reply. Let’s see how it goes :+1:

hi @a_user

thanks for reporting this, hopefully you have seen the updates either on a banner on renkulab or in our status page*. The issue that our cloud provider experienced was fixed and user sessions have been working properly again since then (near 11AM).

*we encourage you to subscribe to get email notifications for incidents and planned maintenance

Thanks for the update. I could successfully start a session again.

Though I don’t think I have seen any banner status for this, and admittedly I didn’t go beyond Renku to check the status. That one was green the whole time. The renkulab banner has been displaying the heads up for the maintenance on gitlab and postgresql in 5 days the whole time :man_shrugging:

Just some additional details regarding the banner status: you should have seen something like this:
which admittedly it only appears in the login or home page (and /help/status) for non-critical maintenance and incidents.

Additionally, we are aware of an issue that reorders incidents differently for some browsers and we are working on fixing it, so this might be the reason why you saw the maintenance in the banner instead of the outage. However, all the incidents -and maintenance- should be listed in /help/status regardless of the order.

Tbh, I haven’t paid that much attention to the banners. I think I only saw the announcements on the status page. But then again, I just realized that I had the domain partially blocked so it’s possible that those additional banners just got swallowed.