Renku session hangs in starting mode


I cannot get one of my renku projects started on sv-renku, though I recently worked on it. When I launch a session, it hangs in “starting” (yellow circle icon).

Project URL:

Can you please help me with this ?

Thanks !


@bopekno this can happen in some cases because there are not enough resources available on the cluster to schedule your session.

If there is a possibility to do so, can you try to restart your session but request less resources (i.e. less CPU and memory)?

@bopekno indeed your user session can’t start because there are not enough resources available in the cluster.

With the newest Renku version 0.12.14 the user should be able to see a message like this in the logs

0/0 nodes are available: 0 Insufficient cpu, 0 Insufficient memory, 0 node(s) had taint { user}, that the pod didn't tolerate. 

*where 0 stants for some number.

When you see this you can, as @tolevski mentioned, start a new session with less resources and/or contact your administrator (cc @nbarriere) to see if more resources can be added to the cluster.

Actually with the latest renku version (which has not been deployed at yet) the message will appear here:

And it should tell you exactly why your session cannot be scheduled.

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just FYI, the SV Renku deployment will be updated to the latest Renku version today.

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