Status code 500 and 504

I am using Renku for remote teaching, and some students have reported 500 and 504 errors. There have been 3 or 4 reports in the last weeks. Here are those that I was able to track with a date

  • Status code 500 returned - Fri 19 June
  • Status code 504 returned - Wed 10 June

and here’s a screenshot that was provided by a student

Any idea why these occur?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lgatto - hard to say off the top of my head - does the session continue working afterwards?

I can’t say as I didn’t experience it myself - I always checked as soon as I got a report from a user.
I would say no, otherwise I wouldn’t have heard about it, but I will double check with the student.

I wonder if it’s possible that the session went over the memory limit? That could kill the rstudio server which would explain the 504.

There is nothing in the data or computations that the students are assigned that would suggest this.

I got confirmation that the session continued working after the 504 error, but the last changes in the scripts were lost.

Hmm ok - that might indicate some filesystem problem but I’m not sure what could cause it. If you can let us know which session this happened in then we can check the logs for clues.

Not sure what you mean by which session. It was this project:

Sorry, I just meant that if we have the username and the project where this happened we can try to pin down the running server and look at its state and logs.