Maintenance 25 Jan 2023

There’s a maintenance scheduled tomorrow at 3 pm. I just wanted to double check whether open sessions would be affected, given that I am having an exam tomorrow afternoon that should finish at 3 pm… unless we have some delay.

Hi Igatto,

Apols for this; we did not have this in our calendar.

We do have some flexibility here - we can push it out to 1600 if that would help.

Regarding how sessions will be impacted - sessions will not be terminated but it
may not be possible to read/write to/from gitlab during the maintenance period. We
expect this to last for 15-20 minutes but in case things go wrong it may be a bit

Can you let us know if pushing it out to 1600 would be ok from your pov?

Thanks, rgds,

It’s my fault, I didn’t mention it.

Pushing it to 16:00 would avoid any risks on our side. I don’t know how many students will use Renku (probably only a handful), but it would be unfair to them if anything happened during the exam. Thank you so much!

The maintenance window has been pushed out to 1600.

Best rgds,

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