No space left on device during creation of Docker image

Hi to all,

Now, this time I come with an error during the creation of the Docker image. I do believe the problem might come from the installation of an specific package, Torch, as two students already reported this same error in their own repos. The point is that the error prompted is completely new to me, and although it is clear, I don’t really know how I could tackle it. Here you have a screenshot of the error.

Any ideas?

Thank you all!

Hi @lusamino

thank you very much for posting this. This is not a user issue at all :slightly_smiling_face:
This error happened because the disk of the gitlab-runner was full (hence the No space left on device message). In this case you should ask the deployment admin to make sure that there’s enough space on the runner. In case you’re wondering: I just fixed this in the deployment where you got the error :wink: