Problem with image building


After GIT operations, the image building in Gitlab run till to time out and finally my commit crash.

It becomes urgent because I can not save my work !
Thanks in advance !

Hi @jbchav sorry you’re having trouble - it’s difficult to say more, without having some additional information, why the image build is failing. However, the image build is triggered after the push has been made to the repository and it does not in any way interfere with pushing your repository. Is there another error that happens when you try to commit and push?

Hello dear,

Unfortunately I have no other information except those in the printscreen.
Finally I have commented the step 6 in the dockerfile and I have successed to push to GIT in a next commit.
I think it is possible that the upgrade of Python packages is too slow with respect of the timeout ?

Moreover, what I can say is another actual problem is this in my last commit :

Upgrade to the latest version of Renku.
Cannot verify validity of the commit: Project was created with a newer version of Renku.
Upgrade Renku to the latest version.

Do you have access to our config files ? (docker and environment.yml) Perhaps you will find something inside ?

Thanks in advance