Linking back from gitlab to renkulab project

I got a notification from that I was granted access to Sign in to Renku
I get onto the gitlab page of the project alright, but there is no obvious way of getting into the renkulab project from there. I also don’t find the project in, even after logging in. Normally, I need to replace “gitlab” by “projects” in the link to get to the original project, but here it does not work. Can someone help me find the project on renkulab and would it be possible to automatically provide the links to the renkulab projects in the gitlab repos?

We have created an issue in order to make the navigation between Gitlab and Renkulab easier.

On another note, please feel free to share with me in private the name of the project you cannot locate in Renku.

@schymans, you should be able to access all your projects in Gitlab in Renkulab under the following link: Reproducible Data Science | Open Research | Renku. Does it solve your issue? In that link, you should be able to see all your projects as in the picture below:

@schymans we changed the way that projects are displayed when you log in. Going to /projects is the old way of listing things so there you should be able to see your project.

The new way has some kinks we are ironing out. One is what you came across - that when a user gets added to a project they should see the project in the list of their projects but currently they do not. We have an issue open for this: Project does not show up in dashboard when the user has been granted access to it · Issue #2657 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui · GitHub

In the meantime before a proper fix is rolled out the temporary fix (i.e. going to /projects) that Elisabet mentioned is the quickest way to find your project.

Thank you, both! I found the project now, and I look forward to a more clearer link between gitlab and renkulab.