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Hi all

The main project view seems to be a bit broken. We have a number of projects forked from template projects and every single one is labelled as “template” in the overview. The only way to figure out which project is behind it is to look at the mouse-over link indication (bottom left in firefox). is there a way to get the project names synced/updated?

Also, the information density of that page is abysmally low on a computer screen :confused:


Thank you for reporting this @a_user .
You are right on the information density; we might want to find alternative solutions to take advantage of the space better, especially when there is a very short or no description at all.
Would a visualization similar to the Dashboard you get at be better?

We are also checking into the tile issue and will reply soon. That seems to be a bug and we are looking into it.
Just to be sure, you get template as the title for all projects, right? I’m asking because a few projects seem to actually be named template but I assume the issue here is for the other projects having a different name in GitLab but not here in the search page.

Hi @lorenzo
The dashboard on probably wouldn’t show more than 4, maybe 5, projects either… so tbh not much of an improvement

Yes, I currently have on the order of 50 “template” projects. The mouse-over link “preview” in firefox shows the correct project url and clicking on them leads to different projects:

I guess a more compact row-style visualization might work better here. Or smaller cards with carefully organized content :thinking:

We identified the bug causing your projects’ names always to be template.
There is a sync mechanism running every few hours that keep KG synchronized with GitLab and the Renku project metadata (i.e. metdata contained in the .renku folder of a project). Something is off with forks and the names get reverted to the original fork name.
I assume all your projects originally forked from a project named template were affected, and if you fork something right now the name is correct for a while but will eventually be corrupted.

We are working on a bugfix – it might take a couple of days before it’s released. I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. Thank you for reporting this issue :pray: It wasn’t a trivial one to spot from our tests.

Yes, they are all course projects forked from a handful of different “template” projects. It’s quite some pita to get to a desired project and start a new session, so a fix will be highly appreciated. Luckily it’s not yet exercise season :wink:

As for the layout: as a general observation there is currently an overall trend of design being allergic to make separations visually obvious (buttons without borders, row items without borders, etc) and just substitute that with excessive white space… see the dashboard and try to determine which spaces are actually clickable without doing a excessive mouse scan :wink: I have no clue what to do about that without going against current design “trends” :man_shrugging:

The fix was rolled out, it should have already re-aligned the names.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, that worked :+1:

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On the topic of visualisations: It’s possible to only list projects from a given group. But to get to that view I have to open a project, and remove part of the project path in the browser url (as far as i can tell)
For example: Reproducible Data Science | Open Research | RenkuReproducible Data Science | Open Research | Renku which then gives me the link to search in the esds group only and directs me to Reproducible Data Science | Open Research | Renku

As far as I can tell that group search is not directly visible/reachable in the projects view anywhere?


Hello @a_user,

You are right, as of now we “officialy” don’t have a way to search through groups.

We planned to remove our old project search page (available at /projects) in favor of the new search page (/search). Since priorities were re-shuffled and further improvements to the search page were temporarily suspended, we decided to link to the new search page anyway but leave the Projects page for whoever used that for specific purposes (E.G. searching groups) until the search page catches up. Mind that some features don’t even work anymore on the Projects page (E.G: the quickstart button)

Expanding the search page is still on our roadmap, but we are considering re-defining the concept of Renku projects and groups, so it might take a bit longer before we introduce a new search engine that considers groups.
We know this is not the ideal setup, and having hidden semi-broken features is really a bad UX, but we ended up with this temporary compromise since we don’t have the manpower to work on too many changes simultaneously.

Makes sense, I’ll not advertise that view/page further ; )

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