Renku UI - View all my projects (i.e. I have access to on Gitlab)


There have been a few posts somewhat related to this topic (Renkulab project view and No more visible projects from the Renkulab UI - #5 by cramakri) and hopefully I am not repeating a previously reported issue/topic…

On the Renkulab landing page I have the option to “View all my projects”

And when I choose it, I have other options based on the “Authorship” status

However, I would also like to be able to “View all shared projects” on which I am not the original author but invited as a Maintainer, Developer, Reporter, etc. via Gitlab (Members of a project | GitLab).

Currently I have to extract the “username/projectname” part from the Gitlab link (i.e. and paste it to form the corresponding renkulab link (i.e. to be able to access the landing page of the shared Renku project. I don’t see any other way to view a shared project’s landing page without having to resort to this workaround.

I am aware that after having visited a shared project it shows up on my main landing page but as this is limited to showing only 5 projects, it soon disappears if I click on 5 other projects…



Thank you @champost for your request. I have created an issue with your topic in Renku’s GitHub repository. On a side note, the team is now improving the Dashboard experience, which is expected to be shared before end of the year.


Hello @champost,
we acknowledge there is currently no easy way to access that group of projects and having an additional “Shared with me” option is a good suggestion!
We will work on such a solution soon (GitHub issue UI#2888).

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