False "Project not found" error

I published a project here: https://renkulab.io/projects/stanislaus.schymanski/essm_egu_2020
In the readme file, I added relative links to the key jupyter notebooks, which work in gitlab, but unfortunately, when clicking on them in renkulab, people get a “Project not found” error. This is because relative links in the readme file are translated correctly in gitlab, but not on the project landing page in renkulab. The link to notebooks/Priestley-Taylor_equation.ipynb on the landing page points to https://renkulab.io/projects/stanislaus.schymanski/essm_egu_2020/notebooks/Priestley-Taylor_equation.ipynb instead of https://renkulab.io/projects/stanislaus.schymanski/essm_egu_2020/files/blob/notebooks/api_features.ipynb, which displays correctly if I access the same README file through files… in the project. Could this be fixed?

Yes, this is indeed confusing and annoying. We need to think a bit about how best to handle these URLs in markdown content within a project.

I have created an issue for this: https://github.com/SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui/issues/941

We will see what can be done.

Thank you, @cramakri! I will add a warning and link to the gitlab README. I also noticed that the rendering of jupyter notebooks in renkulab has a problem that is not present in gitlab. Compare https://renkulab.io/projects/stanislaus.schymanski/essm_egu_2020/files/blob/notebooks/Priestley-Taylor_equation.ipynb with https://renkulab.io/gitlab/stanislaus.schymanski/essm_egu_2020/blob/master/notebooks/Priestley-Taylor_equation.ipynb
Shall I create another issue for this?

Yes, please create an issue for this, thanks!