Webdav Switchdrive


I’m trying to add remote access to data on my switchdrive but can’t figure out how to set it up properly. I manage to connect via webdav on my computer using the address switchdrive provides (https://drive.switch.ch/remote.php/dav/files/myemail) plus my regular credentials but those don’t work on renkulab and I get “An error occurred when trying to start a new session. Error message: Something went wrong.”

If instead I use https://drive.switch.ch/remote.php/webdav then I don’t have an error message but the session never starts and just hangs (no logs are shown). @rrrrrok maybe you know how to set this? I have seen this thread but I’d like to use the interface here as it seems now available in Renkulab.


Hi @guiwitz, Have you tried to follow the procedure from our docs here? The step-by-step guide should follow you through the process. Please, let me know if this does not work for you.

I just tried this and it worked @guiwitz:

On Switch Drive:

  1. Go to your user SettingsSecurity
  2. Click on Create App passcode (name it whatever you want)
  3. Copy and save the token - note the email/username (because it’s based on edu-id it could be different than your switch drive account correspondence email - it was in my case)

In your renku project:

  1. SettingsCloud storage
  2. add WebDav
  3. Use https://drive.switch.ch/remote.php/webdav as the URL
  4. copy/paste your username and token from above (you will need to enter the token again, we don’t have credentials storage yet…)

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks for your help @elisabetc and @rrrrrok ! I had tried exactly that but also added a “source path” and apparently that’s what’s causing problems. If I configure without this source path everything works fine and my switchdrive gets mounted correctly, so that’s a success! If I add a source path (which is probably wrongly formatted) it just spins forever at the initialisation stage. Any idea how to format that path?

Aha great news! “Source path” is relative to the root path in your switch-drive, without the leading /.