Renkulab Update: Universal Cloud storage and managing sessions

Universal Cloud Storage

Working with your data in Renku is now faster and simpler. Starting with Renku 0.47.0, you can write and read your data from your preferred cloud storage (e.g. s3, blob, switchdrive, polybox). You can manage the access to your data conveniently from your storage provider. Renku will mount as many data sources in your project as you need when you start your session, and move forward to start coding and extracting information from your data.

If you use SSH sessions via the CLI, you can use cloud storage there too! Configure cloud storage for your project on, and those storages will be mounted in your remote session.

For a thorough description on the usage of the cloud storage visit our documentation.

Change resource class of your session

Renku 0.47.0, also adds the ability to change which resource class your session uses when you unpause the session, in case the original resource class is now full.

Pausing and resuming sessions from CLI

Renku 0.45.0 adds support for pausing and resuming sessions from the CLI. You can now also specify a project image when initializing a project from the CLI.

Renku 0.46.0 for issues some users are facing when migrating projects to the newest metadata version.

:information_source: This update includes changes from versions 0.47.1 to 0.45.0 . Find a complete list of the details on our release page.

:loudspeaker: Please share any feedback or issues in General, and read on for a full breakdown of improvements included in this update.

:star2: New Features

  • :fountain_pen: Notebooks, Data Services, CSI: Support for read and write storage mounting in sessions using a new rclone based storage driver (#1707, #92, #1 ).
  • :electric_plug: UI: add support for more storage services (#2908,2915).

:sparkles: Improvements

  • :paintbrush: UI: Improve the look and feel of the home page (#2968, #2937, #2927).
  • :closed_lock_with_key: UI: Use password fields for credentials (#2920).
  • :wrench: UI: Allow users to modify non running sessions (#2942).
  • :stop_sign: UI: Improve feedback when starting sessions on outdated projects (#2985).
  • :paintbrush: UI: Update the Renku logo and Renku browser icons (#2848).
  • :spiral_calendar: UI: Improve feedback when starting sessions on outdated projects (#2985).
  • :mag_right: KG: Remove the Free-Text Dataset Search API as improved functionality is offered by the Entities Search. (#1833).
  • :notebook: KG: Add support for specifying templateRef and templateParameters on the Project Create API. (#1837).
  • Core Service, CLI: Allow specifying storage to mount when launching Renkulab sessions from the CLI (#3629).
  • Core Service, CLI: Add support for specifying a project image during
    project initialization (#3623).
  • Core Service, CLI: Add support for pausing & resuming remote sessions from the cli

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • UI: Resize the feedback badge on the session settings page (#2953).
  • UI: Fix the environment dropdown on the Start session page (#2949).
  • UI: Improve string validation when trying to upload a dataset file by URL (#2834).
  • Core Service: Fix migrations not working when the Dockerfile needs to be migrated as well (#3687).