My On-Premise instance of RenkuLab does not support mounting cloud storage in sessions

Hi, I’m on renku 0.42.1 (on premise deployment) and I’m trying to connect an S3 storage but it seems that my instance doesn’t support it as shown on the image.
but despite this, I can still add cloud storage ( for example) but this is not reported on the session launch page and therefore does not work. but on the public instance everything works correctly.

the image below is a capture of the public instance (renkulab) and this area highlighted in yellow is not displayed in my On premise instance on the session launch page.

what could be the cause?

you will need to set:

          enabled: true
          installDatashim: true

in your values file.

This is not yet documented so I will add it ASAP.

great! it works very well,

This time I get the configuration of the s3 config zone in the session start page, but when I start the session, it runs indefinitely. and i have with describe pod this below picture

and csi-s3 pod always stay on ContainerCreating