☁ Renkulab Update: Cloud Storage (0.41.0)

Cloud storage support

You can now save the cloud storage configuration in your project! Renku 0.41.0 supports s3 and s3 compatible storage as read-only, and we are currently working to expand (i) the accessible cloud storage formats, and (ii) the read and write function.

Manage cloud storage under project settings

:warning: Be aware that the users’ access rights to cloud storage are entirely managed by the cloud storage owners.

Projects on the landing page

Renku admins can now designate the projects to be showcased on the Renku home page.

Thus, Renku 0.40.0 introduces UI performance improvements and fixes internal KG and Triples Store performance issues.

:loudspeaker: Please share any feedback or issues in General, and read on for a full breakdown of improvements included in this update.

User-Facing Changes

:sparkles: Improvements

  • :rocket: UI: Reduce the compiled bundle size to improve performance of the UI (#2818, #2827, #2832)
  • :rocket: UI: [Dashboard] Speed up showing the warning for non-indexed projects (#2824)
  • :hammer_and_wrench: UI: [Projects] Use the KG API to update a project’s metadata for the following cases: visibility, keywords and description (#2793)

:information_source: This update includes changes from versions 0.40.0 to 0.41.0 . Find even more details on our release page.

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