RenkuLab Update: Test your cloud storage connection

Renku 0.54.0 implements new features for Renku 2.0 and introduces improvements regarding the testing the cloud storage connection in RenkuLab.

:jar: Storage connection and credentials
You can now test the data storage connection before you set it up for your project.

Thus, Renku 2.0 prompts you to provide your credentials on the cloud storage access at the session start.

:ballot_box_with_check: Repository permissions

As we shared in Renku blog, Renku 2.0 allow you to connect to multiple repositories. Now, your project landing page will indicate your permissions on each of the repositories that you have within your project.

:key: Secrets storage

Renku 2.0 allows rotating the private key for secrets storage.

:loudspeaker: Please share any feedback or issues in General, and read on for a full breakdown of improvements and new features included in this update.