Renkulab 0.8.4 release

We have just released version 0.8.4 to which comes with some significant changes that may affect your work. Most notably going forward we will be using persistent volumes for storage for every user session. This means that now when you launch a session you are required to specify the amount of storage you would like to get and you will not be able to go over this amount. Your session will essentially get its own “hard drive” that is exactly the size you requested when you launched it.

Since Renku absorbs the compute and storage costs for all users on we have limited the amount of storage available to all user sessions to 1GB, 4GB or 16GB. If this is prohibitively low for you please let us know and we can work with you to find a solution or adjust the allowable sizes. The following section of the Renku documentation outlines the renku storage commands that can help you transfer files to git LFS and more effectively manage the amount of storage your sessions will require.