RenkuLab Update - SSH into sessions & new Dashboard (0.24.2)

Renku 0.24.2 introduces two new features: SSH-access to RenkuLab sessions and a new RenkuLab Dashboard!

Would you like to work on your Renku project from the comfort of your own local computer? Use the Renku CLI to start an SSH session on RenkuLab, and open that session in your local terminal or even your IDE, such as VSCode. Check out the “Connect with SSH” option in the Session Start menu to get started, or see our docs. Note that SSH functionality must be enabled by your administrator and may not be available on all RenkuLab deployments.

And, your RenkuLab Dashboard now has a snazzy new look that puts your most used projects, sessions, and datasets at your fingertips. Quickly pick up where you left off: connect to your already-running sessions, start a new session on a recently visited project, or access your datasets- all from a single page!

Don’t see your projects on the new Dashboard immediately? Go to Search and filter by “Owned by Me”. Once you start working on your projects, recently viewed projects will show up on your dashboard.

We also squashed a bug where you may have had trouble finding your projects in other namespaces. Now, all projects show up in the Knowledge Graph activation page so you can add them to your dashboard.

Read on for a full breakdown of all improvements and bug fixes included in this release.

User-Facing Changes

:star2: New Features

  • :keyboard: Renku CLI: Enable connecting to RenkuLab sessions via SSH (#3318).
  • :bookmark_tabs: UI: Show instructions on how to connect to RenkuLab sessions via SSH from the Session Start menu (#2376).
  • :technologist: UI: Add a new dashboard for logged-in users, showing running sessions, last accessed projects, and own datasets (#2332).

:sparkles: Improvements

  • :x: Knowledge Graph: Add a new API to delete projects.
  • Sessions: Fail when injecting env vars that already exist in session (#1396)
  • :scroll: UI: Show commit messages in the commit selection dropdown when starting a session from a specific commit (#2362).
  • :link: UI: Make searches shareable by storing parameters in the URL (#2351).
  • :camera_flash: UI: Customize avatars when creating a project (#2331).
  • :radio_button: UI: Provide the same options on the session dropdown buttons across the dashboard and the project page. (#2393).
  • :open_book: UI: Make the browser column and file content column sticky when scrolling long files on the file viewer. (#2412).
  • :receipt: UI: Improve the feedback for sessions ending in an error state. (#2411).

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Core Service: Correctly update Dockerfile on migration (#3351).
  • Core Service: Fix a crash when migrating to v10 metadata (#3359).
  • Renku CLI: Fix git credentials helper setup in renku login (#3348).
  • Gateway: Use offline access tokens for automated access from within sessions. (#632).
  • Knowledge Graph: Expand the Knowledge Graph Project Activation page to list all projects where the user is a member, not only owned projects.
  • Sessions: Sessions crashing when automated token refresh runs in background (#1416).
  • Sessions: Propagate environment variables for R-Studio sessions (#1339).
  • Sessions: Fixed bug where sessions from one project would appear under another project (#1423).
  • UI: Fix markdown problems with underscores in links and math formulas (#2374).
  • UI: Restore session autostart when connecting from the notebook preview page (#2344).
  • UI: Improve dataset pages (#2318, #2357).
  • UI: Sort commits by date to prevent random order (#2347).
  • UI: Prevent listing projects twice on the dashboard (#2408).
  • UI: Start sessions with base images when pinned images are missing (#2410).