Renkulab 0.6.2 released

This is a minor release that includes new features that enable starting interactive sessions for non-developer or even logged-out users; new and improved docker images; and datasets bug fixes on the CLI.

New features

:star: Environments: logged-in users without developer access can launch interactive sessions from a project.
:star: Environments: interactive sessions can be enabled for logged-out users. Please see the
documentation for details.
:star: Hiding/showing code cells is now possible from the UI

Notable improvements

:bullettrain_side: Datasets: dataset creation and import unified in the UI


  • A maintenance page can now be displayed for when Renkulab is undergoing a scheduled maintenance :wrench:
  • Help page and dropdown contain links to Renku and Renku CLI documentation :open_book:
  • Easy UI access to GitLab projects, user settings and user profile :bust_in_silhouette:
  • Python environments now include a plugin to monitor memory usage visually :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • A new Renku docker image with Julia is now available. :mega: To use it just replace the first line of your Dockerfile with FROM renku/renkulab:renku0.10.3-julia1.3.1-0.6.2
  • The Tensorflow Renku docker image with Cuda and Tensorflow 1.14 is now available with the latest Renku 0.10.3. To use it just replace the first line of your Dockerfile with FROM renku/renkulab:renku0.10.3-cuda10.0-tf1.14-0.6.2
  • Docker images in project templates use Renku CLI 0.10.3

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Bug fixes

  • Datasets now include the folder hierarchy in file listings
  • Datasets: avoid recursive addition of the data directory in Renku CLI
  • Datasets: fix export to Dataverse
  • Datasets: fix metadata commit after renku dataset unlink
  • Environments: improve styling

Upgrading from 0.6.1