Renkulab 0.6.0 released

Changes to the UI

This release includes new features for datasets and interactive environments. Along with minor improvements in the collaboration tab, the project page, user avatars, and minor bug fixes. This is still a work in progress, and there are further changes down the road in these areas, but this update gives a small taste of what is coming.

New features

Datasets can be created from the UI. This can be done by going to the dataset tab inside the project and heading to “new dataset”.

Files can be added to an existing dataset from the UI. A dataset can also be modified by clicking the modify button inside the dataset. For now we only support adding new files to the dataset, in the future we will keep working on this feature.



Support project-level default settings for interactive environments. This can be done by editing the renku.ini file inside the ./renku folder. After this, when a new interactive environment is started, the default setting will be pre-selected.


Datasets can now be exported to Dataverse

UI presentation improvements

Issues have an improved presentation



Merge Requests also have an improved presentation and new features. Renku provides support for discussions on merge requests and it also displays a summary of the changes and the commits.


Relevant project/namespace information is shown at /projects/user-or-group/ url.
For example for testingfeature user:


For renku-qa group:


Other notable improvements

Cleaner error messages for Renku CLI usage

Dataset importing is faster with Renku CLI

Our documentation has been restructured and cleaned up


  • R-markdown rmd files can be visualized within Renkulab
  • Group avatars are displayed
  • Improved presentation for merge request and issues
  • A Gitlab IDE link has been made available for working with Renku projects
  • Link to see a project’s fork information
  • Docker images and project templates now use Renku 0.9.1
  • A Renku docker image with Bioconductor is now available
  • R projects now have the directory structures fixed
  • Python now comes with powerline to simplify the command line prompt
  • Jupyterhub has been updated to version 1.1.0
  • Prometheus metrics available for graph services

Bug fixes

  • LFS data is now retrieved when the checkbox is selected
  • Close the fork dialog after forking
  • Various fixes for lineage including performance

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check: