Renkulab 0.6.1 released

This is a minor release that includes some small features and nice improvements mostly around datasets manipulation.

New features

:star: Datasets can be imported from data repositories through the UI
:star: Datasets allow uploading file hierarchies in zip format
:star: CLI: Datasets metadata is editable. Please see the Dataset documentation for details.
:star: CLI: enable importing renku datasets
:star: CLI: Enable working with data external to the repository #974

Notable improvements

:bullettrain_side: A file upload can be cancelled when creating a dataset
:bullettrain_side: Environments tab displays information about the resources requested
:bullettrain_side: Environments tab provides an easy access to the branch/commit file listing
:bullettrain_side: Improvements to the handling of markdown content
:bullettrain_side: CLI: starting this version a new migration mechanism is in place, renku commands will insist on migrating metadata if its outdated.


  • Various improvements on markdown display for collaboration
  • Make help channels more visible
  • CLI: wildcard support when adding data from git
  • Docker images and project templates use Renku 0.10.2
  • A new minimal Renku project template is available on project creation! Use this template if you’re using a language other than R or python, or if you’re renku-izing an existing python project.
  • Newer renkulab docker images also provide interactive environments with a nicer shell (powerline).

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Bug fixes

  • Datasets now show file listing with folder hierarchy
  • Search uses clearer labelling
  • Various fixes to dataset command line bugs
  • Lineage: allow blanks in commit author
  • Lineage: fixes for the endpoint reporting events processing status (the UI progress bar)
  • Lineage: multiple fixes in the triples generation process

Upgrading from 0.6.1

  • No new values required in the values file
  • The version in the welcome page can be updated at ui.welcomePage.text