RenkuLab Update - Sessions with SSH and UI Improvements (0.25.3)

Renku 0.25.3 contains an important update to the base images so update if you are using sessions with SSH! In addition, there are improvements in internal components and the Helm chart. If you’ve been having trouble building your images, or issues using in the Knowledge Graph or the User Interface, the latest release solves many of them.

:sparkles: Improvements

  • :keyboard: Core Service: New base images correct a PATH misconfiguration that occurs when connecting to a session with SSH. If using sessions through SSH, please update your project!
  • :receipt: UI: Use drop-downs for session options with many elements (#2461).

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • :camera_flash: UI: Prevent dropping valid pinned images when starting new sessions (#2466).
  • :open_book: UI: Ignore deleted projects on the dashboard (#2465).
  • :link: UI: Fix fork suggestion when trying to start sessions on non-owned projects (#2465).
  • :radio_button: UI: Remove conspicuous commas in the add dataset screen (#2472).
  • :link: UI: Resolve an issue where the Connect button on the Dashboard leads to a broken link (#2444).