Unable to start the interactive environment

I am trying to start en environment for laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo-2020 but it fails. The details in the notification says:

An error occurred when trying to start a new Interactive environment. Error message: "Renku API error", Stack trace: "Error: Renku API error at kt (https://renkulab.io/static/js/main.b51079f2.chunk.js:2:16969) at https://renkulab.io/static/js/main.b51079f2.chunk.js:2:81568"

A bit of background regarding this environment:

  • I used to be laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo that I used to teaching this academic year
  • I forked it and renamed it with the suffix 2020
  • I updated docker and all the R packages in laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo for next academic year
  • Now starting a new environment in laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo-2020 fails.

Also, in case it becomes relevant, I inadvertently started to do some changes in the laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo-2020 fork before rolling them back and updating laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo

Thank you in advance.

Hi @lgatto let me take a look. I will let you know what the problem is. Sorry for the problems.

@lgatto the problem is that you have pinned an image: registry.renkulab.io/laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo:e08e8af but that image is not available.

Check that the project the pinned image is coming from exists and if so check its visibility

So the problem is that the pinned image does not exist at all. I found the project where the image is coming from here: Container Registry · Laurent Gatto / WSBIM-bioinfo · GitLab

And there is no image with the tag e08e8af like what you have pinned.

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Thank you very much - I must have deleted in while cleaning up. I suppose the easiest is to (1) remove the image = registry.renkulab.io/laurent.gatto/wsbim-bioinfo:e08e8af in .renku/renku.inifor now, (2) rebuild the complete image and (3) pin the new machine?

Will try this right away.

Yes what you suggest will work.

Another thing you can do is to just edit the line that specifies the image in the file you mentioned with the image you want to use, then launching a session from that new commit should work.

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Thank you for the tip. But given the available machines in the registry, I think I have deleted all the old ones that were build with the old version of R that was used for the course run last academic year. I thus prefer to build a new one from scratch which, I think, will use the old versions.

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Adding more meaningful errors for this case is on our radar. But unfortunately is not as high priority as some of the other features we have been trying to push out lately.

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These are the two issues tied to better error responses for situations like this:

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As expected, it all worked. Thank you very much for your help!