Breaking changes recently?

Hi Renku-Team

Were there some breaking changes on the system recently?
We can no longer start our environments:

“The attempt to start an environment failed. This could be an intermittent issue, so you should try a second time, and the environment will hopefully start. If the problem persists, you can contact us for assistance.”

This project used to work fine for months and has now stopped working:

Thank you

Hi @rchris I am sorry about the issues. One of the recent releases included some changes for the k8s secret which is used by the jupyterhub session to pull a docker image for a private project such as yours. The problem is occurring because we added labels to these secrets that include the project name. If I am not mistaken your project is part of a group and a subgroup. So the project name is something like group/subgroup/project. Slashes are not supported in k8s labels so that is why your environment cannot be created.

If you fork the project in question outside of the group and subgroup you should be able to launch the environment.

In the meantime we will work on a fix for this.

Thank you for the quick reply and the suggested workaround.
Maybe we could implement some sort of escaping for the labels and replace slashes with other chars. Larger projects with many project members could get a little messy without the hierarchical structure in gitlab.

Thx @tolevski

hi @rchris

@tolevski has implemented a fix for this and we prepared a hotfix version of renku-notebooks that is currently rolled out on , you should now be able to start environments in projects that belong to nested groups.

Please let us know if you experience any other issues.