Starting new Sesion hangs in 'Checking GitLab jobs...' or 'Verifying available sessions... '

After I Transfered a few projects to a group, I cannot start a new environment/session anymore. I get stuck either at
'Verifying available sessions… ’ when I go over Sessions → New Session or
‘Checking GitLab jobs…’ when I go directly over the new black start button.

The Docker Image is available.

After forking, I can start the session, which I guess means there is nothing wrong with the repository itself. Maybe there is some gitlab options I should change?
One of the projects is :

Hope you can help :)!

Hi @simonvanhemert let me take a look. I will get back to you.

@simonvanhemert can you just make a single new commit on the project’s master branch. I.e. just add a new line to the readme.

I think what happened is that when you transferred your project the pipelines that build your images and that renku uses to confirm the images are ready did not transfer. So now to renku it appears as if the images are not ready even though they are.

If you make a new commit with even changing the file with a new line at the end this should trigger a new image build and then you will be able to launch session from that commit and going forward.

The other option is to “pin” the image so that going forward this image will always be used for all sessions. But this means that every time you change the python packages for the image then you will have to manually change the pinned image to the new version.

Actually, it seems as if a new commit does not trigger a new image build?? at least it passes pipeline within few seconds

Ah ok. Can you also tell me what you see under the CI/CD → Pipelines in the repo?

I dont have access to this. Are there any jobs that triggered?

More information on the pipeline, which may be of interest:
Using locally found image version due to if-not-present pull policy

---> Using cache
Which seems it is using some information from cashe instead of properly rebuilding the image?

I can add to this, images that were built yesterday and could be run as new Environments, are now not able to be started and are hanging in ‘Verifying available environments…’

Same with brandnew Renku projects:

@simonvanhemert can you tell me what you see when you go to Settings → CI/CD → General Pipelines

You should see the Public pipelines checked - if it is unchecked then things wont work


It is very strange that the public pipelines options are enabled. Because when I visit this project (zervreila / HSLU Predictive Modeling · GitLab) on gitlab I cannot see any pipelines. We are looking at the same project, right?

@pascal.baumann can you show me what you have in your project for Settings → CI/CD → General Pipelines?

Yes, but I have now also changed some settings in Settings → general → Visibility, project features, permissions

Here, some settings were set to ‘Only Project Members’. Now all should be open

Ok so now everything seems to be working.

@simonvanhemert it may be a good idea to confirm that you still have the same permissions after you changed things as starting a new public project from renku.

After creating a new public project from renku, under Settings → general → Visibility, project features, permissions I see all options set to Everyone with access except the one at the bottom for Metrics Dashboard which says Only project members.

Well, on my main account, I still face the same problem. When logging in with another account, also project owner, I got one step further, where I could select number of CPU etc, but it still hangs somewhere, couldnt start the environment yet. Maybe that just takes some more time…

I am not sure what you mean by confirming the permissions, I can confirm all options are set to Everyone with access

That is what I meant.

@simonvanhemert I am trying to start a session in zervreila / HSLU Predictive Modeling · GitLab right now. Will see if there are any issues.

@simonvanhemert can we jump on a quick zoom call? I will send you a zoom link to the email associated with your renku account.

@simonvanhemert I actually cannot see your email. Can you email me at and I will send you a link

@simonvanhemert the bug that was related to this post has been fixed and deployed.

@pascal.baumann I think you were being affected by the same issue but now you should be ok.

Let me know if you have any other problems.

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