Session configuration

Hello, after the platform update, I see this message

The session cannot be configured exactly as requested for this project. You can still start one, but some things may not work correctly.

In my project

which is linked from a published paper

but I have no idea of what is the issue, any clue?


You should see that message when you define session settings that are unavailable.
Actually, it seems that your requirements work well with the available session classes; I suspect something should be tuned on our side. I’m checking this and I’ll get back to you soon.
In the meantime, do you mind sharing a screenshot of what you see on this page (the whole page, even split into multiple images if it’s too big for the screen)? That will help us to be sure you see the proper classes.


I copy below the screenshot, hope you see it.

I made a push today and it failed building.

On my local clone, I issued
renku session start
and asked to build, but it failled since the renku update. Before, it was working.

It fails when using requirement and environment as on, but I cannot debug what is wrong without more verbose logging. How can I get it?

Curiously, the building with
docker build .
does not stop at the same point, so it is something mysteriously linked to renku



Hi @carloferrigno our image builders have been flagged by Anaconda and have been blocked because (as we recently found out) you need a license to use it at the scale we do with Renku. We are trying to get an academic license but that may take some time.

Until then and going forward you can simply remove the defaults channel from your environment.yaml file and replace it with conda-forge. conda-forge is more open and does not have the same terms of service as anaconda’s defaults channel. So simply by doing that change you will be able to get your images to build.

We have seen this occur across several projects. We will make an announcement with an explanation and steps to remedy this on the general discourse so that it is more visible and reaches more users.

@carloferrigno here is the post with instructions to fix the problem with building images, as already mentioned by @tolevski

For the warning banner, we are fixing it on our side. In short, pinning memory requirements triggers that warning even if sessions with enough memory are available. You can safely ignore it for now. The fix should be rolled out within a few days.

Sorry for the inconvenience; sadly, a few things piled up with this release since it brings quite a few changes in many parts of the system.


thanks, I have made the change in my repository and it worked.



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Wonderful @carloferrigno ! Thank you for letting us know.