Error during forking process (but it actually finished correctly

Hi to all,

I just wanted to duplicate a renku project, hence I decided to fork it to a new location, with a different repo name. The window said that the process failed, but I can actually find the new one in my list of projects, and everything seems to be fine. Hence, might be something broken? Or should be everything ok? In that case, I just wanted to report this error :smile:

Thank you all!

Thanks for raising this issue! Can you tell us which RenkuLab instance this was on?

There are a two steps to forking a project in RenkuLab. The first forks it in GitLab, the second runs the CI pipeline to create the images for the interactive sessions. It sounds like the first step succeeded, but the second failed.

We have not seen this problem on, but it seems to happen occasionally on limited. We are still trying to understand why, but we should at least provide more informative error messages in the meantime: Improve error messages when fork fails · Issue #1341 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui · GitHub