Renku on headless server

I’m working via ssh on a remote headless compute cluster and need to login to renku to work with private datasets. As this does not work with ssh keys my only option is using renku login But this requires a browser! My machine does not have a GUI installed and I do not want to deal with some hackish terminal browser solution. Please add the option to somehow login into renku on a headless machine, may it be by directly entering login creds in the terminal or by enabling ssh keys. I would argue this is quite an essential feature. A CLI tool that is used to handle code/data versioning should be fully usable without any GUI integration, especially if the desired functionality works only in the CLI (the web UI does not support importing private datasets). I would argue that working on an headless remote machine is quite a common use-case. I don’t want to pull the whole repo onto my local machine every time I need private credentials. Please fix this! Thanks a lot for your efforts!

For anyone having this issue. I was told this would be fixed in a future release very soon.