Renku login credentials when logging in with GiHub

Hi there,
not sure if this is covered somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

I normally log in to RenkuLab with my GitHub username/password, and then access GitLab etc from the web UI.
I wanted to pull an image from (following this), but I am required to input my Renku credentials in the CLI, and my GitHub ones don’t work, understandably.

So my question is: what are my Renku credentials when logging in using GitHub?

Hi @lpego thanks for reaching out! I see you’ve found the correct documentation page - did you follow the instructions in the blue box describing how to log in to the registry? For that you need to create a personal access token - note that the link in the docs needs to be updated, it should be Once you’ve done this, you should be able to pull images from a private project.

Hi there,
I did follow the instructions and create the token, however it didn’t occur to me that you have to actually type it in and not copy-paste (maybe this could be mentioned?)… I have been able to login to the registry now, thanks!

That’s news to me! I’ve always copy/pasted it - maybe something funny happening in the terminal? In any case, glad you got it to work!