Output of cells gone when Jupyterlab is restarted

Hi amazing Renku team!

Honestly, I do believe this error is more related with Jupyterlab, but I would like to ask to know if everyone is experiencing that, and if there would be any workaround. The issue is simple: when the pop up message to restart the environment appears (e.g. the VPN was disconnected), sometimes all cells that are being executed lose their outputs, and they also seem as if they were not being executed (empty brackets on the left hand side). And this is not the case, as if you use top, you can then see the process is still running.

This is a bit annoying sometimes, specially when you need to know the progress of some long task. Any solution, advice? So far, if I really need to know the progress, I create intermediate temporary files, but it does not seem to be the most grounded method :roll_eyes:

Thank you fellas!

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@lusamino this is indeed a jupyterlab issue. This is the most relevant issue I could find:

It seems that they are working on addressing it but it is still not done. When they address it and we update to that version of jupyterlab in renku you should get the benefits of it.

In the meantime, I would recommend that you try something like screen if you need to have a long running process and you dont want to lose the output. But this will work only for running scripts in the terminal - not for jupyter notebooks.

Thank you so much @tolevski !! Actually I was suspecting that, but I never heard before from anyone about this issue, and for that reason I wanted to know it is something that everyone suffers. Hence, let’s hope the JupyterLab fellas solve this bug at some point.