GitLab unable to push


We just got our instance upgraded to Renku 0.21.0 and GitLab 15.7.5.

We are running into issues where we are not able to push our changes to GitLab in “older” sessions (+24h-48h ). I believe this could be due to expiring tokens in GitLab, but I am not quite sure how Renku handles the authentication with GitLab.

The error we get is:
error: cannot run rpostback-askpass: No such file or directory

I tried adding the rpostback*** binaries to the PATH. This triggered the RStudio Gui password prompt, which does not work with user or project tokens.
remote: The git token could not be refreshed

We recently changed the “inactive session timeout” to one week instead of 24hours. This could potentially have an impact on the situation.

Thanks a lot for your help,

– Damien

Hi @Damien you are on the FSO deployment right?

I have reached out to the person who is in charge of your deployment and offered to help them troubleshoot this. I have no access to your deployment myself. This should not be occurring.

This is happening both for newly launched sessions (after 24 or 48 hours) and for old ones, correct?

Hi @tolevski ,

Thanks a lot! Yes we are indeed on the FSO deployment.

I did not quite understand your question. The problem occurs when a session was “inactive” or there was no push to GitLab from it for 24-48h. We don’t have older sessions from before the update.

Ok no problem. Thanks for the information. I am trying a lot of different scenarios on my end to get myself in the same situation you describe. But so far I cannot.

I am waiting to hear back from the person in charge of the Renku deployment at FSO so that I can get access to some logs.

Hi @Damien I created a fix for this yesterday and contacted your admin so that it can be deployed.

This should bring things back to normal.