Emails about resource access tokens expiry

I am receiving stacks of emails entitled “Your resource access tokens will expire in 7 days or less”, but if I click on the links provided, I get: “We can’t connect to the server at” What am I supposed to do about these? Anyone else getting these emails?

@schymans this email is from an internal and isolated test deployment that used some of the data from The deployment has been fully removed - that is why you could not access it. But even if you could access it there was no need to do anything and this email never should have gone out. I apologize for that.

We have made it so that such emails do not go out from But even if they do they can be ignored.

A little bit of technical background on why this is occurring if you are interested:

Renku has a knowledge graph that indexes user projects. This generates some access tokens so that it can be up to date with the latest state of the project in Gitlab. These tokens can expire but are automatically updated/deleted/created by Renku. That is why you can ignore the email and do nothing. The next time you log into Renku the tokens needed for indexing your project will be recreated. The only thing that can happen is that your project may not be indexed by the knowledge graph and will not show up in search results on Renku if you do receive such an email and you do not log into Renku for a long time after seeing the email.

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