GitLab email notifications in renkulab

Recently, we enabled email notifications from GitLab on and Previously, users had to rely on the GitLab activity page to stay on top of changes in their projects. From now on, renkulab’s GitLab will also send some notifications by email - please refer to the official GitLab documentation if you need to change the frequency of those notifications. These notifications should make it easier to never miss critical contributions from your collaborators or questions raised in your project’s issue tracker.

The emails will come from which is a generic outbound-only email address we use for various housekeeping emails and will look like this:

Or like this

with the footer always indicating which renku instance the email was sent from, to try and avoid confusion in case you use multiple instances.

In addition, if you would like to make your projects’ activity easier to locate within GitLab, you may find it useful to modify the “Homepage content” in your GitLab profile preferences: