How to change email address of renkulab account?

Hi all,
I have two different renkulab accounts, one under an old email address and one with my new email address. I have all my projects in the account with the old email address, so I wondered if I could just delete the account with the new email address and then update the email address for the old account through the gitlab interface. Would this work, or would it create trouble? I wanted to ask before trying.

Thanks for your help!


Actually, if I click on the “Account” icon at the top right of my renkulab dashboard, and then on “Personal Info”, I should be able to change my email, but I need to first remove the empty account. Could someone do this for me? Thanks a lot!

Hello Stanislaus,
I was able to delete the user with email from both Gitlab and Keycloak, thus releasing that email.

You should be able to use that address on the old account.

Should you have any issues with that I can assist further.


Thanks very much @aledegano! Now the error message changed when trying to update throug the renkulab-settings: “Danger alert:You can’t update your username as it is read-only.”
Is it OK if I change it in the gitlab settings, or could it break something?

I can do that for you, just to be clear you want to replace your SDSC email with the new one, right?

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Yes, correct, thank you!!

Okay, done.

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