Adding team members

I have a renku project in which I added my team-members with a “Developer” status. But they can’t access my project or script. Can anyone suggest me how to do that? Thanks, Muhammad

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So you have added the others to the project using the GitLab “Members” administration page?

And they cannot access the project in RenkuLab?

That is strange! You may have already checked this, but just in case: are you certain that the email address they use to log into RenkuLab is the same as the one you used to give them access?

Could you tell us the URL of the RenkuLab instance your project is on, and give a screenshot of the error message that the others receive when they try to log in?

Yes, the email address of my added member is fine.
Here is the URL of the project:

Here is a screenshot from my window:

Here, I have a script called “readDt1.ipynb”. But my team member can’t access this script. Here is a screenshot from my team-member’s window:

Can you suggest me how my team members can access my script?

Oh, now I understand the problem better. Your project is private, so I cannot access it, but I have a guess as to why things are not working.

Have you committed and pushed your changes? This guide explains what you need to do.

Once you do that, your collaborator should have access to your script (at least the version you committed).

Hi Cramakri,
Can you help us please?
We are in the mean_bias_reduction scrip and we don’t understand the error message (See the image attached).
It say us that we don’t

have renku in our workspace, we are very stunning about it.
Thank you in advance

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Hi Noreyni. Could you stop your session, start a new session and try again? I started a session in your project, and I am able to access the renku command.

So, it looks like it should work, but maybe something happened in the session earlier that caused problems.