Add a collaborator

Hello, I would like to add a collaborator to a project (that will have direct access for full push/pull control like the “collaborator” status in github). Is that possible?

This is easy to do; you just need to go to GitLab to do this.

  1. View the project in GitLab

  2. Go the the “Members” Setting

  3. Enter the login or email address for the people you want to add to the project

  4. Give them “Developer” permissions.

Thank you, that’s helpful!

A general follow-up question that may help navigate the UI, could you explain which views (between - /projects, /Jupyterhub, /Gitlab) to navigate to for which use case, when looking for such functionalities?

We found the duplication of views a bit confusing, as were looking in the /projects portal to add a collaborator (there is a “collaboration” tab there too).


This is a good question, and we will add this to the documentation to clarify.

The /jupyterhub is for the interactive environments; there is no overlap between the functionality available there and what is in RenkuLab

On the other hand, there is an overlap between what we show on the RenkuLab project page and what is available on the GitLab project page, and this is certainly confusing. Our plan is to eventually cover the basic functionality just within RenkuLab, but until we get there, we encourage users to go to GitLab directly as a workaround.

Within RenkuLab, we try to offer simpler access to some common and often-used functionality (the README as a way to present the project, statistics about the project, files within a project etc.), and we display content that is specific to Renku and not meaningful to GitLab (e.g., Datasets, management of environments, lineage of results, etc).

For other features that are available in GitLab, but either not generally used in data science use cases, or not yet incorporated into the Renkulab UI, it is necessary to go to the GitLab UI.