Can we group existing projects?

I would like to use renkulab as a landing page for all the projects coming out of our group, but currently, they are running under individual user names. I created a group, where I invited the relevant users, and now I would like to copy projects into that group while using our original projects as forks from where we would issue merge requests. Is this possible and advisable? I know it would have been better to do this from the start, but I did not have enough foresight… Thanks for your help!


Moving an existing project to a group is possible.

You need to go to the GitLab UI, and navigate to General Settings > Advanced > Transfer Project. There you can select the new namespace (group) for the project.

If you do that, you will need to update the remote URL for the any clones, since that will be different after the move.

We have an issue to allow “home pages” for groups, since that would be useful for explaining all the projects under the group, but this has not yet been scheduled for implementation. Add user and group page · Issue #784 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui · GitHub


Awesome, thanks! I saw the ‘transfer project’ link, but got a warning about potentially unexpected effects and was not sure if this could break the gitlab-renkulab sync. So it is safe to do it?
Would it also be possible to fork users’s repos in the group and then have the users create merge requests for the forked repo? Or is the forking designed to work in one direction only (create MRs from forks to parent)?

Transferring a project will not cause problems for RenkuLab – it is safe to do.

That is an interesting idea you propose – fork the project into the group and use merge requests to bring in changes. I think that would work, though that structure is yet not supported by the RenkuLab merge requests (Handle simple merge requests across forks through UI · Issue #837 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui · GitHub), but you can do it from the GitLab MR page.