Error when try to login

I have a weird problem: RENKU always show me the error (422) when I try to login or change my passwd. Seems a bug of the website?

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Hi @cycy1320 - sorry you’re having trouble! Could you give us some more details please so we can sort this out - are you on And can you provide a screenshot of the page with the 422 error?

Thanks! Here is a screenshot.

ok it should be fixed, can you please try again?

Thx, I can login now.

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great, glad it worked!


I have exactly the same error message 422 when I try to log in or change my password. Do you know what can I try to resolve this issue ?

Thx in advance,

@julesgd can you try to log in from an incognito window in Chrome or a private browsing window in Firefox. Safari has something equivalent too. Does the problem persist then?

Hi @tolevski, txh for your reply. I tried to login with private window and the problem persist with the same error page :

Hi @julesgd - the issue should be fixed, can you try again please?

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Great it is working now. Thanks for the quick resolution :slight_smile:

no worries, glad it’s working!