Renku login auth failed (email has already been taken)

I am very new to renku and I just registered a new account at Renkulab. However, after I signed out and trying to sign in again, I got the error “sign-in failed because email has already been taken”. Then I tried to register with another email address, but then still got the same error. I think I may repeatedly conduct something wrong to cause this issue. May I ask how to solve this login issue? Thank you in advance!

Hi @chouaniu - not quite sure what happened, but I see three users registered under your name - I will send you a private message so we can resolve this.

hi @chouaniu,
when you tried registering a new user were you completely logged out from your other user(s) sessions? or have you used a private window?

I happen to have exact the same problem. Can someone help me please?

@unosamuno sorry you’re having trouble! I’ve linked your accounts and you should be able to log in now. I’ve also sent you a private message, feel free to follow up there.

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I do have the same problem, can you please help me as well. Thanks a lot.

@rrrrrok Same issue here. I went through the password recovery procedure after having forgotten my password. After having entered a new one, I got confirmation that it was reset but then I couldn’t sign in.
Thanks in advance for helping me.

Can you send me your Email with which you have registered through PM?

@andreas Sure, I’d like to but I can’t find where to click to write you a PM. Apparently, I need to click on some “message icon” after having clicked on your avatar but I don’t find any… (Else, do you have an email address I can send mine to ? Or maybe, write me a first PM so that I can answer it).

@andreas @rrrrrok. I have the same issue here. Could you please help me with this? Also… I didn’t find the message icon either after I clicked on your avatar. Could you please PM me first so I could send you my email address? Thanks in advance for your help.