Error after data set removal

Dear all, I have a renku project, at the beginning I had started adding a data set, then I stopped using renku dataset utilities and just used it as code repository.

I want to start using the dataset utilities again, but in a “tabula rasa” kind of way, starting my dataset from scratch, with some files I have generated since and some files that were in the old data set git lfs.

I did dataset rm, and created a new dataset

When I am looking at the dataset tab in the project page I get this error

There was an error verifying support for this project.
Fatal error occurred while working on the repository.

Edited: I moved the content of this reply to the original post in hopes its clearer and I can get some help.

@danieltba are you using renku locally or in a session on or limited?

Can you tell me what version of renku do you have when you get this message?

Also can you link the original post you mention here? I cannot find other posts from you on discourse.

Hi, it was a project in, renku version is 2.6.1 . The project address is Reproducible Data Science | Open Research | Renku, basically even though the dataset appears as part of my datasets, once I go to the project page, I get the error when opening the tab “dataset”

I decided that it was easier to just start a new project than to figure out what is happening. Things are working well with the new project. Thanks.

Hi Daniel,

it took a while but we narrowed down the problem to you using git submodules in your project.

In general, we don’t recommend that users use git submodules, as the gitpython library that Renku uses does not properly support submodules.

They can work for public repositories and when added using a https:// URL (instead of a git+ssh:// URL), but if the repository is private or using an SSH URL, our service cannot clone the project as it fails when trying to pull submodules.

There is a subsequent issue where the resulting error is not properly returned to inform the user that we’ll address, together with not trying to clone submodules when cloning projects, I’ve created an issue for that on git clone should not try to clone submodules and surface errors properly · Issue #3581 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-python · GitHub

Until that is fixed, there’s unfortunately no workaround other than removing the submodule.

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