Issue with Datasets

I’m having 2 different issues with renku datasets.

  • I started a renku project locally. I created a dataset and added an external dataset. Then I created a blank gitlab project such that I can push my renku project. This worked, but I’m seeing an error on UI when I try the tab “Datasets”.
    Errors is the following:

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I’m also seeing error messages for the Renku Version and Template Version on Overview > Status. I am using 0.16.1.dev46+g31a28cd9 (fetched master a few hours earlier, and now again prior to posting this, and I can see that tests are failing).

Project is tmp_renku_proj project

A second issue I have with renku dataset is the following:

  • I created a second renku project (this time using the UI) where I wanted to store a sample dataset small-oa-dataset project. I created a renku dataset inside this project called small-oa-dataset-proj. My plan is to import this dataset from the first renku project (tmp_renku_proj ). This is failing, presumably because I get the info “No datasets found for this project.” on Renku UI.

Is this because I need to wait a while (few hours?) before datasets would start popping up there? Or am I missing a crucial step for having my renku dataset show up in the UI / can be imported by other projects?

renku master doesn’t work with at the moment unfortunately. It’ll probably be a while until it does.