Cannot import renku dataset


I’m testing renku datasets (dummy-data1) on Renku newest version (1.0.5). The dataset is correctly displayed in its own project (with renku dataset ls) but it doesn’t seem to be exported to the KG:

  • it doesn’t appear in
  • it is not displayed on the Datasets tab of the Renkulab UI
  • I cannot import it in another project using the ID provided by renku dataset ls:
    renku dataset import -y

Was there a change in the way that data are imported or am I doing something wrong … ?

Thank you very much!

Other components of the Renku platform like the Knowledge Graph aren’t yet compatible with the Python library 1.x version. 1.x contains a lot of breaking changes and new features that are incompatible with how we did things previously. This also means older versions of the Python library can’t import projects made with the newer version.
We’re planning a roll-out to Renkulab with other components that are compatible for this Friday, after which the dataset should be picked up and processed, although it might take a while until all projects are processed in the KG.

Ok, thank you for these information!