Renku repositories and datasets issues

I have several repositories on renku that use and produce datasets. I have the following problems:

  • The online UI shows neither the workflows nor the datasets (it basically just loads infinitely)
  • Newly the datasets are splitted, there’s one dataset for each repository. What’s the point in having datasets if there’s one per repository? They have not always been split, what happened? What can I do to undo this splitting? Just reimport the datasets? How should I do this if the datasets UI doesn’t load.


One seems to be having problems with metadata indexing:
democrasci-parliamentdb; Error details: transformation non recoverable failure

The following project, which was created at approx. the same time, seems to work, although loading the datasets is extremely slow (ca 30s) :Reproducible Data Science | Open Research | Renku

Can you help me to solve these issues?

on the one with the transformation failing error, that is an old problem that should be fixed by running renku doctor --fix in the repository.

We’re in the process of releasing a bugfix release that should solve issues with loading data being slow, there was a bug that caused us to do full clones of repositories instead of shallow clones.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean by datasets being split. Do you mean you don’t see the link to the originating project?

Okay thx, i‘ll try that.

Yes for each repository that the dataset was part of, there’s a separate dataset now.