Importing a dataset from a Renku URL in renkulab UI

Morning All,

I was trying out importing a dataset from a Renku project using its URL, through the UI in Renkulab but I’m not succeeding, so I wondered if you could help please.

I pasted into the Import Dataset field, but get the following error:

Dataset import failed: Invalid parameter value for Cannot clone remote projects:

I guess the first thing is: I’m not sure if I created that dataset correctly from the files that already existed within the Renku project.

And the second: am I using the correct URL here?

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

Hi @jen-thomas, thanks for your question!

For the second part, I believe that is the correct URL.

For a corollary of the first part: have you set up an ssh key for your account (in settings in If not & if the project with the datasets (and the dataset itself) still exists, it might not be able to clone for this reason.

If you’ve got the ssh key set up already, then someone else from the team will chime in :smile:


Yep I have the SSH keys set up :slight_smile:

Hi @jen-thomas,

The issue is that Renku cannot clone the project that contains this dataset. Can you try to see if you can clone the project in the same environment that you run Renku (although in a different directory) by running these commands:
git clone
git clone

The first command fails if you don’t have an ssh key set up (as suggested by @emmjab).

Thanks @emmjab and @mohammad-sdsc for your help.

git clone works on my local machine.

But I’ve tried this within a terminal in jupyterlab within the Renku UI and that doesn’t work:

git clone 
Cloning into 'cruise-track-legs0-4'...
fatal: unable to fork

git clone
Cloning into 'cruise-track-legs0-4'...
Username for '':
Password for '': 
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

I was trying the original dataset import in the Renku UI:, pasting this URL:

Both the dataset that I am trying to import and the destination are in projects that are private: and
so I don’t know if there are ssh key problems because of that?

Is there another way that I would be able to get around the problem to carry on with working on the project?

Hey Jen,

Thank you for your report. I’ve created a ticket to enable this for the future and you can track the progress for it here. It should come soon-ish, so you will be able to do this with newer version of renku.


Hi @jsam ok thanks - that’s the same issue I was having with trying to import a restricted dataset from Zenodo then :slight_smile:

Ok so for the meantime, it would be easiest for me to download and upload the dataset files that I need then do you reckon?

oops this seems to have gone unanswered for a while - did you manage in the end @jen-thomas or is this still causing problems?

Morning @rrrrrok. Thanks for your reply.

I just downloaded and uploaded the files in the end. It looks like the ticket that @jsam pointed me to has it covered. We’re busy importing lots of the data from private Renku repos (and some restricted datasets from Zenodo) at the moment to finish off the project, so we’ll just go with the downloading and uploading until the new version is ready :slight_smile:

Does that sound like the best way to go for now?

yes, sounds good to me.