Base image when attempting to start session

Say I push some changes and I already want to start a session before waiting image build to be over. Renku UI gives me the option to start with base image if I don’t want to wait. Would it not make sense if it would give me the option to use another image of a recent commit that is already built? Say a dropdown list of images that correspond to readily succeeded builds (like the last one for each branch)?

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This is an interesting idea, but could you provide some details on how this situation arises for you?

When I make changes that have an impact on the image, my workflow typically looks like this:

  • Start a session
  • Within that session make changes (e.g., to requirements.txt) that would require an update to the base image
  • Test those changes (e.g., run pip install -r requirements.txt) to make sure that things work the way I want them to
  • When I am happy, I make a commit and push it to the server, but I keep the session running and continue to work in the session

I’m assuming your workflow is different, and it would be helpful to know how you work so we can best support it.

Indeed. How I came to my issue is that I work locally and sometimes I try python modules that I don’t end up keeping or perhaps have a different local conda environment altogether because of other workstation restrictions locally vs renku infrastructure.
When I want to share the latest state of my work with a collaborator, who will use Renku UI, I sometimes need a few attempts with environment.yml until docker image can successfully be built. For the sake of time, it would be great if the UI would support a fallback docker image option that is not of the base, but rather one of the most recent commits that actually generated a docker image.
Does it make sense?

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Yes, that makes sense! I have created an issue for this Session start image fallback · Issue #2487 · SwissDataScienceCenter/renku-ui · GitHub

Until we get to implementing it, you can, however, just select a different commit (one with a built image) in the start session dialog.

Once you are inside the session, you can do a git pull to bring the code up to the latest version. This is admittedly not as convenient as direct support, but should do what you need.

Indeed, thanks for opening the issue!