Why does Renku continue tracking files that do not exist anymore

Hi to all,

I just run a small script with renku run to check the nice workflow was being created, etc. I got all nice and smoothly. However, I wanted to delete the created files, in order to regenerate files later. I use renku rm to remove them. But then, in the Repo I can still see

And those files do not exist anymore!! (I can see this when plotting the workflow of the person_unify.py file).

I realize that then there might be some traces left of the workflow. I run then renku workflow ls, and there was one that I remove with renku workflow remove <name>. But still, I can see the graph of the workflow.

I know that when regenerating the files, this is going to get duplicated, making all look ugly, and complicating the interpretation. What should I do?

Thank you folks!

Ok, I feel I can resolve myself this issue. I have rerun the code, and this has triggered a regeneration of the KG. And not, the KG does look good, and there is no duplication. Hence, problem solved :wink:

Thank you all!

P.S: there is a small difference between both images. In the second, all the formats are .parquet, while in the first there is one .csv. Hence, all nicely reconstructed!

Thank you for raising the issue and posting the update on the topic :slight_smile: !