Error when removeing workflow

I am trying to clean-up the list of workflow, so I tried to run the following:

renku workflow remove b31...28_papermill.yaml

but I get the following renku exception:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/..../.renku/refs/workflows/b31...28_papermill.yaml'

But, I checed and I don’t have the folder refs, as all the workflows files are stored in .renku/workflows/

What am I doing wrong?

Also I am open to suggestions on how to achive my goal.


renku workflow remove is a pretty weird command, it doesn’t really to what its name implies.

What I think it was initially meant for was that you can give a human readable name (in the refs folder) for a workflow using renku workflow set-name my-workflow <path_to_yaml> and then renku workflow remove my-workflow would unset that human readable name again (but not remove the workflow).

There’s not really a good way to remove a workflow in renku <= 0.16.2. Deleting the *.yaml would prevent it from showing up in renku workflow ls but it might break renku update or renku rerun further down the line, so I’d advise against it.

We are currently overhauling the whole workflow system and are very close to a big release, and there we have much more fully featured workflow commands, including a proper renku workflow remove command, but it’ll take a couple more weeks until we release that.
A first release candidate is on pypi and current renku master on github contains some additions on top of that, but this is not compatible with renkulab until we make a release proper. We’re very happy about any feedback we can get on this if you want to play around with it, but I wouldn’t use if for production. There is a design document outlining most of the changes if you’re interested.

Thanks Ralf for your reply,

I am really looking forward to trying the new version. I think it will be very useful to have a set of convenient functionalities that would speed the whole experience.

I am also curios to give a try to the current under development version and have a preview of what will be released. I will get in touch with feedbacks if I manage to work with it.