Renku update error

Hi all,

I have created a renku workflow in a private repo on renkulab:

The workflow consists of Jupyter notebooks run through papermill. I can run it through renku successfully:

renku run papermill --kernel Python3 PreprocessMovies.ipynb PreprocessMovies.ran.ipynb -p input_path ../data/test_dataset/rawMovie.h5 -p output_path ../data/test_dataset/preprocessedMovie.h5 -p n_jobs 1
renku run papermill --kernel Python3 ExtractSignals.ipynb ExtractSignals.ran.ipynb -p input_path ../data/test_dataset/preprocessedMovie.h5 -p output_path ../data/test_dataset/resultsPCAICA_python.h5
renku run papermill --kernel Python3 AnnotateSignals.ipynb AnnotateSignals.ran.ipynb -p input_path ../data/test_dataset/resultsPCAICA_python.h5 -p output_path ../data/test_dataset/PCAICAsorted.h5 -p update_existing False

This also creates a nice graph of the workflow in the renkulab UI. Now, I want to change some code in the first notebook, commit the changes and run renku update but I get the following error:

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Thanks, Henry

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The same kind of error occured in renkulab environment too when i was running renku update on a several-steps knowledge graph.

If you have for example A–>B–>C–>D, I found out that running :

renku update B
renku update C
renku update D

was working fine for me.

I hope that can help you or help to find a solution to this issue.

Have a good day,


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Thanks for the hint. I found that there was still an old unused dataset dangling around in .renku/refs/datasets. After removing it, the error disappeared.

Best, Henry

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